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Truly Technical Videos

Our developers do just one thing: record terrific, engaging and relevant videos of your deeply technical product.

The Problem

Creating Deep Technical Videos is Hard Work

Videos Are Amazing

There's really nothing like a well-crafted, 5-minute video tutorial. That shit sells.

But Recording Them Sucks

For marketers, it's a never-ending fight to get one done. For engineers, it's a tedious and time-consuming task.

AI Can't Solve This (Yet)

There isn't a model that can generate great screen recordings. Most AI video generation tools don't do screens.

The Process

How It Works

We take 15 minutes of your time and turn them into a video. That's it.

Day 0

⬇️ "Download" Meeting (15 Minutes)

We'll sit down with a relevant stakeholder to understand the message you want to deliver. This can also be an email, if need be.

Days 1-3

🧠 Brief Writing

We'll craft a minute-by-minute breakdown of the video. This will include any necessary research - like finding the right GitHub repo and figuring out the problem to solve to make the tool shine.

Days 4-8

🎥 Recording

Once the brief is approved, we'll record the video. If you have any specific requests, like using a specific OS or IDE, we'll make sure the recording developer uses them.

Days 9-13

♻️ Revisions & Additions

If any revisions are needed we'll perform them. We'll also add voiceover, write a blog post based on the video and generate a YouTube title, thumbnail, timestamps and description (if you'd like).

Day 14

🚚 Delivery

The video is complete and will be delivered to you. Profit 💰

🔥 High-Quality Deliverables

The only people touching the record button here are developers. No scrubs.

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Our Work

👇🏼 This Video Used To Be a Paragraph


There are three types of videos that we do,
each with its own pricing point.

Short Demo

Great for showing on your website and or for outbound emails.

Order a Short Demo

Sales Collateral

Excellent for furthering conversations and sealing the deal.

Order a Sales Collateral Video


Ideal for deep dives, like documentation or your YouTube channel.

Order a Tutorial Video


  • Blog Post (Corresponding to the Video)
  • YouTube Thumbnail, Tiltle, Description & Timestamps
  • Voiceover (Male or Female)

🎬 Ready to go?

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Who Made This?

SyntaxCinema is run by me, Tom, an engineer turned technical product marketer.

I'm very proud to say that I spend my days taking marketing meetings off the calendar of startup CTOs.

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